Motor Drive Test Systems

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Motor Drive Test Systems

Intepro Systems brings new, innovative solutions to testing motor drive and motor systems for traditional high power applications such as conveyors, pumps, elevators and the new compact designs for commercial, domestic, aerospace and automotive applications

Drive and motor systems present unique challenges for test systems and Intepro combines regenerative active electronic loads to reduce the energy needed to do the tests as well as sophisticate instruments and supply voltages to test these demanding applications and provide meaningful results for the electrical and mechanical power parameters.

The complex nature of these motor drive systems puts unique demands on the test equipment especially in the measuring and calculation of efficiency: Intepro MDT systems meet the growing market demand for flexible systems with improved power efficiency to increase the need to quantify power parameters on motor drive systems with much greater precision.


Key Features of the Motor Drive Test Systems products


Wide range of voltage, current, torque, and speed signals


Accurate frequency detection, ideally with no need for analogue filtering


Results storage for reports and comparisons

Synchronized Measurement

Synchronized measurements of both electrical and mechanical parameters

Dynamic Testing

Dynamic testing of startup and load test conditions


Limitless options

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