PSI 9000 DC Power Supply

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PSI 9000 Intelligent Programmable DC Supply

The Intepro PSI 9000 Series are Auto-Ranging Programmable DC Power Supplies that feature an efficient design coupled with increased performance for applications that demand fast response times, advanced power simulation modes and precision control.

PSI 9000 3U DC Supplies

The PSI 9000 Series includes an Integrated Function Generator that allows creation of arbitrary disturbances for complex testing.

They also include a galvanically isolated analog interface for voltage, current and power programming and monitoring. An industry-leading selection of digital remote plug-and-play modules is at your disposal.


Key Features of the PSI 9000 Intelligent Programmable DC Supply Products


Auto-Ranging Output Stage


Integrated Function Generator


Photovoltaic Solar Array & Fuel Cell Simulation

AFV-P Series


Programmable Output Impedance


Up to 95%

Output Power

Between 1kW &1MW

User and process profiles can be edited, saved and archived so that the reproducibility of a test or other application is improved. In addition, a single 3U chassis houses up to 15kW of DC power and can be paralleled up to 1MW. Each chassis features a controller which allows the flexibility of separating into individual sources or paralleling for high power applications.

All PSI 9000 models feature a flexible Auto-Ranging output stage which provides higher output current at reduced voltages so the source maintains maximum output power across a wide range of voltage operation. Traditional DC sources offer a square operation curve meaning the source maintains maximum rated current at less than full scale voltage. A traditional 5kW DC source with a voltage range of 500V provides 10A at full scale. At 200V, the source still only offers 10A so 2kW is actually delivered to the unit under test.

Auto-Ranging addresses this issue by automatically increasing the output current at reduced voltages. Take the PSI 9500-30 which is 5kW as an example. At 500V the source offers 10A. At 200V the source provides 25A which means the source maintains a 5kW output rating.

Auto-Ranging is especially useful when testing products that require varied input voltages while maintaining regulated output power. This feature often results in a single chassis solution versus buying multiple sources to address low and high voltage / current requirements. It can also help reduce inventory as many voltages can be covered by a single model number.

The remote sensing function is achieved via dedicated input which is directly connected to the load equipment, in order to compensate voltage drops along the load cables up to a certain degree. The power supply detects automatically whether the sensing input is connected and will stabilize the voltage directly at the load.

Integrated Function Generator

The FPGA based control circuit provides additional features such as a function generator using a table-based regulation circuit for simulation of non-linear internal resistances.


Power mode

Complex Sequence Generator

The Constant Power Mode (CMP) of the PAS-F grid simulator maximizes output power at typical operating voltages. As output voltage is reduced from full scale the available output current automatically increases to as much as 125%. Below 50% of full scale voltage the source delivers full current and some specifications may not be met. Performance degradation such as load regulation and THD at < 1% of full scale voltage could be slightly higher.


PSI 9000

Solar Array Simulation

The PSI is an ideal solution for simulating static or dynamic irradiance levels of solar array. The high accuracy irradiance curve is based on 16,400 data points and adjustable in 1% increments. Isc, Uoc, MPP and Impp are user programmable.





Fuel Cell Simulation

An embedded Fuel Cell table function is used to simulate the characteristics of voltage and current of a fuel cell. Simply define slope points and the data is automatically calculated then transferred to the function generator and output from the DC source.



PSI 9000

User Control

The large LCD touch panel offers a modern and intuitive user interface for controlling the four operating modes: Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Current (CC), Constant Power (CP) and Constant Resistance (CR). Response times for the control via analog or digital interfaces by the DSP controlled hardware are among the fastest in the industry. In parallel operation of multiple devices, a master-slave bus is used to connect the chassis to create high power system where the actual values are totaled and the set values distributed.

An Internal resistance control provides a means to virtually simulate an internal resistance (Programmable Impedance) which is in series to the voltage source and thus also in series to the load. According to Ohm’s Law, this causes a voltage drop, which will result in a difference between adjusted output voltage and the actual output voltage. This is beneficial for simulation of various lengths of different types of cables to determine loading effects.


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Not Available in the U.S.

This product is no longer offered by Intepro Systems in the United States. Should you need technical assistance, we will continue to support our products through our support section.


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