Power Supply Test System

Power Test System

System Architecture

The Procyon PTS 2100-10 is a configurable turnkey Power Test System, delivering automated test equipment (ATE) to some of the world’s largest-volume manufacturers as well as the affordability needed by niche market producers

Aerospace, defense, and avionics power supply ATE test systems applications include functional testing of AC and DC power supplies, generator, and engine control units, as well as a wide range of associated electronics. Intepro’s knowledge and expertise in high-end power electronics test is unparalleled.

The table below lists a selection of the standard tests available for selection within the software.

Standard Library Tests Include

Output Performance

  • fas fa-check DC Output Voltage
  • fas fa-check Ripple & Noise
  • fas fa-check Efficience
  • fas fa-check Overshoot Voltage
  • fas fa-check Voltage Dropouts
  • fas fa-check Dynamic

Input Characteristics

  • Frequency Range Frequency Range
  • Power Analyzer Data Power Analyzer Data
  • High/Low Line High/Low Line
  • Line Disturbance Line Disturbance
  • Safety Safety

Regulation Test

  • Cross Regulation Cross Regulation
  • Load Regulation Load Regulation
  • Line Regulation Line Regulation

Responce & Timing

  • Transient Response Time Transient Response Time
  • Spikes & Drops Spikes & Drops
  • Line Transient Line Transient

Protection Test

  • Short Circuit Short Circuit
  • OC, OV, & OP Protection OC, OV, & OP Protection
  • Remote Shutdown Protection Remote Shutdown Protection

Special Test

  • Communication Communication
  • Status Signals Status Signals

Typical Procyon 2100-10 Test System

Intepro’s Procyon test systems are built around industry-standard open architecture hardware platforms that enable integration of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) instrumentation. This design approach reduces lead time of brand specific equipment requirements which results in cost reduction compared with custom engineering designs. Our configurable ATE solutions for all power supply testing from 100W to 300KW.

Regenerative Load Technology

Renewable energy solutions are constantly evolving – and so are our test systems! The latest generation of Procyon test systems offer regenerative load technology which converts the supplied energy into a synchronous sine current and feeds it back into the local or public grid. This eliminates the usual load heat dissipation and saves energy costs at the same time. When used for burn-in and life characterization applications, Intepro’s ELR and PEL “Green Loads” recycle more than 93% of the power drawn from the AC mains or DC input. Our regenerative products offer the benefit of helping your company meet its Sustainability Objectives while saving money.

Project Management

Intepro Systems follow a structured approach in specifying and implementing test systems for its customers. Projects are coordinated by a dedicated project engineer who liaises directly with you during all phases of the project. From build to print to fully engineered test solutions, Intepro has the experience to deliver industry leading solutions.

Custom Solutions

Intepro provides turnkey, customizable solutions including test fixtures, Integrated Test Assemblies (ITA’s) and test programs for power supply test. Where high speed is required, Intepro has provided multiple test heads, optimized test programs from about a minute to a few seconds (PSU dependent). Improving power supply ATE.

All Intepro ATE test systems use PowerStar software. For more information click here.


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