DC Power Supplies

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International Sales Only

This is a legacy product no longer offered by Intepro Systems America. We recommend checking out the ADG-P or ADG-L which are a few of our current Programmable DC Power Supplies.Should you need technical assistance, we will continue to support our legacy products through our support section.


DC Supplies

PS 9000 DC Power Supply

PS 9000 DC Power Supply

Auto-Ranging Power Supply up to 15kW
PSI 9000 DC Power Supply

PSI 9000 DC Power Supply

Auto-Ranging Power Supply with a built-in function generator


PSI 9000 WR DC Power Supply

Auto-Ranging Power Supply up to 1MW

PSB 9000 DC Power Supply

Bi-Directional Auto-Ranging Power Supply

PSB 10000 DC Power Supply

Bi-Directional Auto-Ranging Power Supply

Intepro DC Power Supply Test Equipment

DC Power Supplies for any application

Intepro Systems offers a wide selection of Auto-Ranging programmable DC Power Supplies. Each DC Power Supply are MOS-FET based, resulting in a high performance power stage that offers high speed slew rates and low output ripple. Intepro’s electronic DC Power Supplies are designed for ultimate flexibility and configuration in providing the ideal power input solution for testing converters, chargers, batteries, adapters, and power electronic components.


DC Supplies Features & Benefits

Providing What The Power Industry Needs

Auto-ranging allows you to get more bang for your buck. This feature allows full power across a broader range of voltage and current settings
The PSB is a bi-directional source and regenerative load combining two units into one
High Slew Rates providing industry-leading response time
Automatic paralleling and summation to make testing faster and easier

Wide variety of input mains

Field upgradable so downtime is limited

Enhanced graphics display that allows for complete control

Additional Info About Intepro DC Power Supplies

Intepro’s Auto-Ranging programmable DC Power Supplies provide higher output current at reduced voltages. This feature offers a wider power curve than traditional rectangular output characteristic power supplies because they expand the output power curve into a more usable power envelope. This gives the user more voltage and current combinations in one DC Power supply. Auto-Ranging is like having several traditional DC power supplies in one. Auto-ranging DC Power supplies are typically a bit more costly than conventional supplies with the same power rating because the output stages must be designed to operate reliably over a wider range of output voltages and currents. But the real cost is lower because one unit can be used to replace multiple conventional units.

Offering Superior Technology & Support

We build solutions that often last for decades. Intepro started off developing full turn-key ATE systems. Over the past few years we have added regenerative DC loads, auto-ranging DC power supplies, programmable AC sources, and grid simulators in order to give our customers access to some of the best technologies currently available