High Power

Bi-directional Racks

Vega Series

High Power Bi-directional Racks

The Vega Series, Intepro’s line of customizable high-power racks, are comprised of 15kW 3U bi-directional DC power supplies

You can mix and match depending on your testing needs and up to 480kW of power can be loaded or supplied at efficiencies of well over 90%

When incorporating our bi-directional DC power supplies, energy savings are doubled via reduced generated heat and recouped energy. These racks are ideal for battery testing (charge & discharge), burn-in, research & development and EOL/Production tests across a wide array of industries including: Aerospace, Automotive, Medical Device, Energy Storage and Military/Defense.

We can also mate any Vega Series rack to a Power Distribution Unit (PDU), allowing you to easily connect DUT’s without having to second-guess your wiring. Use one of Intepro’s standard PDUs or have us build one to your exact requirements. Complete the customization with a variety of standard or custom connections and interfaces to make your life easier. There is no need to compromise, Intepro will adapt to what you require!

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Featured Benefits

Auto-Ranging Capabilities and High Efficiency with our DC Sources
Up to 95% energy recovery with our bi-directional DC power supplies
Up to 180kW in a single rack using 15kW power modules; 900 kW total in three bays

Limitless options

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