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Fuel Battery Tester

Below is a case study using Intepro ATE Test Systems in China

Intepro Systems: Partnering With The World

One of our most recent custom test systems was designed and implemented by a KOREAN private/government partnership entity, KOMERI. This ATE system used for this application was a 240 Channel, 5v at 5a per channel, 1200 vdc (all cells in series), 2000 vdc isolation BMS (Battery Management System) and Cell Test System.

Intepro wrote the software per the clients needs; It is one of the 3 closely related SemTest software packages specified by Intepro China to meet customer requirements. We designed and shipped a custom 8 Cell Test Fixture with complete temperature sensing circuits to meet the client's demands and offer reliable testing.


Meeting Customer's Specifications

The SNU 1500a Fuse Tester was another project to Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea. The parameters included conducting 1500a at 0.8v, requiring custom software to meet the customer's specifications.

Managing Demanding Applications

Intepro's ATE system was implamented by Nanyang Technical University, the most prestigious university in Singapore. NTU has a public/private partnership with Rolls Royce for research and development. 

The purpose of this system is to perform IOL (Intermittent Operating Life) testing on IBGTs, MOSFETs, and Diodes. The system was designed to test 4 totem pole transistors, for a total of 8 devices, at up to 250a at up to 12v (the system is run in the shorted, or CC, Mode).

Because of the high heat losses, which are purposely generated to test the devices to failure, a liquid cooled heatsink and chiller (provided by Intepro) were selected. We offer an air cooled version of the test fixture in house and the necessary hardware in our China Demo System that allows us to perform IOL Test demonstrations.

The ATE system was designed, tested, built, shipped, and commissioned by Intepro Systems and the SemTest software was designed to meet the customer's specifications.

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Intepro ATE Systems



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High Power Bi-directional Racks

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