ES150 DC Power Supply

Delta ES150/EST150
DC Power Supplies

150W DC Power Supplies
Delta Feature Listing:
  • Very low output ripple and spikes
  • EMC surpasses CE requirements: low emission & high immunity
  • Excellent dynamic response to load changes
  • Protected against all overload and short circuit conditions
  • Designed for long life at full power
  • Master/Slave parallel and series operation with voltage and current sharing
  • Voltage and current control with 10-turn potentiometers
  • For laboratory use or optional 19” rack mounting
  • Convection cooling

Delta ES150/EST150 150W DC Power Supplies

Introducing Intepro's latest offering, the ES150/EST150 Series 150W DC Power Supplies by Delta. Featuring flexible output with constant power characteristics, the Delta ES150/150T offers long life at full power and excellent dynamic response to load changes. The EST150 offers 3 independent floating outputs, with independent ON/OFF buttons.

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