Electronic Loads


Grid Simulator + Electronic Load

CINERGIA has ingenuously combined the functionalities of several products in a single cabinet to offer the most flexible and unique testing equipment. The GE&EL product family is the aggregation of Grid Simulators, Electronic Loads and Bidirectional DC Converters in one product. The All-in-One AC GE&EL includes, in one single cabinet, an AC Grid Simulator and an AC Electronic Load without any limitation. The All-Terrain GE&EL vAC/DC is all CINERGIA catalogue in one system: Grid Simulators, Electronic Loads and Bidirectional DC.


Grid Simulator + Electronic Load


Regenerative AC Electronic Load

EL+ vAC/DC Full

Regenerative AC/DC Electronic Load

High Technology

CINERGIA is the result of know-how, experience and passion of a team committed to the development, production and commercialization of power electronics solutions. We offer high technology, robust and competitive products adapted to the needs of our clients.

Offering Superior Technology & Support

We build solutions that often last for decades. Intepro started off developing full turn-key ATE systems. Over the past few years we have added regenerative DC loads, auto-ranging DC power supplies, programmable AC sources, and grid simulators in order to give our customers access to some of the best technologies currently available