19-inch Rack Series

GE&EL+ Bidirectional Regenerative

CINERGIA Unveils the Rack Series family, the most efficient regenerative converters in 19-inch rack format for testing platforms and EOL


The GE AC/DC SiC-RS proudly leads the way as the inaugural release of our Rack Series family. It is a pioneering high-efficiency converter, meticulously designed for end-of-production-line (EOL) testing applications, elegantly encapsulated in a compact format for effortless integration.
The GE AC/DC SiC-RS, the highest-efficient regenerative converter in the market

As the first member of our Rack Series (RS) family, the SiC-RS sets a new standard for efficiency, reliability, and quality. It harnesses the power of cutting-edge SiC technology, with lower switching losses and reduced size and weight, making it an ideal solution for EOL testing applications where space and efficiency are critical.

This regenerative converter has been specifically designed for test applications in the fields of electromobility and charging infrastructures, smart grids, distributed energy resources, aerospace, Power HiL, battery inverter, and energy storage systems.

Amongst its main functionalities, it stands out as a Regenerative 4Q AC Grid Simulator, DC Bidirectional (source/sink), Battery Test, Cycling and Emulation, PV Panel Emulation.

Experience CINERGIA’s trademark guarantee of quality with the GE AC/DC SiC-RS – the first of its kind, only the best for your testing needs.



Application and Tech Note

Key features of the new Rack Series family


Our Rack Series offers the highest efficiency in the market in both sourcing and regenerating energy, resulting in greater energy savings, less environmental impact and a reduction in electrical installation rating.



Being designed to fit standard 19-inch racks, with 7 U and 675mm depth, is particularly advantageous for burn-in and end-of-life testing within production or systems integration environments.


Easy integration

The Rack Series’ units can be easily integrated into automated test lines thanks to the analog & digital IO and the open MODBUS/TCP protocol.

User Friendly

Larger Touchscreen and User Friendly Interface

Its 7-inch touchscreen monitor, with an intuitive interface designed by engineers for engineers, allows for easy local operation.


SiC Technology

Built with cutting-edge SiC (Silicon Carbide) technology, the SiC-RS ensures exceptional efficiency, minimising energy losses and maximising performance.

Silicone Carbide

Transient time

Thanks to the use of Silicon Carbide technology combined with the control hardware and firmware, the RS products achieve high transient times needed for grid and power hardware in the loop testing applications.


Higher switching frequency

Thanks to the SiC MOSFETs, which enables much better transient response compared to IGBT equipment, the switch increased up to 50kHz, reducing the current-voltage crossover duration and the losses at each commutation.


Regenerative Technology

Like all CINERGIA products, the GE AC/DC SiC-RS allows for the re-injection of used power back to the grid, resulting in a reduction of both consumed energy and required power.


Made in Europe

SiC-RS family products are fully designed and manufactured in Europe, subject to the most rigorous testing, and complying with all CE and quality standards.

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